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National PTSD Awareness Day

Since 2014, our country has celebrated National PTSD Awareness Month in June of each year, after June 27 was originally designated as National PTSD Awareness Day in 2010. In 2010, Senator Kent Conrad advocated for official recognition of PTSD via a “day of awareness,” in tribute to a North Dakota National Guard member who took his life following two tours in Iraq.

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and is a condition suffered by both veterans and non-veterans alike. PTSD can occur when someone experiences or witnesses a traumatic event at any point in his or her life. Not fully understood or recognized until fairly recently in history, the condition was often dismissed by both the medical and miliary communities.

The purpose of PTSD Awareness Month is to recognize and spread awareness regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, encourage open conversations about the causes and symptoms, as well as distribute information regarding how to find and receive help for the condition.

Approximately 6% of the American population currently suffers from PTSD and studies show that somewhere between 12-30% of veterans suffer from the devastating disorder.

Locally, in Colorado Springs, Veterans Victory Housing and Small Business Center is working to champion for veterans who suffer from PTSD (as well as those who do not) through the development of a brand new 15-acre community dedicated specifically to those who served our country. The breaking ground facility will include 240 ADA-accessible, green, multi-family apartments for veterans. Entrepreneurial by design, the campus will support 15 business offices, mental health and holistic services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, yoga, hiking trails, and more.

“We're turning this area into a place of dreams, quite literally. These people sacrifice their lives for us.”

The complex will be built at Bradley Road and South Powers, near the Colorado Springs Airport and Amazon, and only a few miles from Ft. Carson.

“The need is absolutely here. So many people have come back from Afghanistan and they don’t know what to do with their lives. We’re a community and we’re going to be supportive of people who are feeling just a little lost.” -Kim Kuhle, Manager and Founder of Veterans Victory

Learn more about Kim, Veterans Victory, and so many other things HERE.

Apply to be a part of Veterans Victory community, invest, foster a business, connect, and grow.

And, support and advocate for PTSD.


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