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Veterans Victory and Small Business Center SM Mixed Use Multifamily Apartments and Small Business Office Center in Qualified Opportunity Zone

What We Are


Veterans Victory Opportunity Fund (VVOF) is a private-equity real estate Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) designed as a vehicle for investors with capital gains equity. Funds will be used to purchase, construct and renovate a mixed-use property marketed to Veterans, resulting in ADA-accessible, green multifamily apartments, business offices and programs for Veterans that create above-market returns for the investor.



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The profit margin will be above market because the place-based, scalable model incorporates elements of five well developed programs into a new system of revenue production. These are:

Digital Connection Program using of state-of-the-art technology designed and delivered through GTSG. The construction of the apartments and offices will involve the fastest broadband services available ( GTSG will provide “Smart City Technology” to help veterans sell products and services to other veteran-owned businesses and government organizations across the nation.



Veteran-Owned Small Business Development Program focuses on providing intensive services to help veterans develop, own and finance SBA-certified Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Certified Women-Owned Disadvantaged Small Businesses, Certified Disabled Veteran-Owned and Certified HUB Zone Businesses. Business incubation will occur through the Small Business Center co-located with housing at the Veterans Victory Project.

Holistic Healthy Housing Program for veterans will be a community-centric affordable real estate development aimed at veterans. The cost of renting the apartment rentals will be reduced through the use of GTSG’s technology.

Innovative Business Investment and Risk Reduction Program – Project financing of the holistic Veterans Villa Project will employ state and federal QOF deductions and Technology Investment Incentives. Banks will have an incentive to lend to and invest in Veterans Victory to meet CRA requirements.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Program will reduce harm to the environment through the use of Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) financing, which pays for the use of energy efficient materials in the construction of the apartments and offices. The holistic design of the Veterans’ campus helps reduce energy consumption for the renters and the business owners. GTSG Global technology will be combined to reduce the operating expenses and energy consumption by installing new, top-of-the-line core infrastructure, which enhances operating leverage and increases Net Operating Income (NOI).



Overview of the Prioritized Investment Focus

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