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American War Cemetery

About Us

Sustainability, Livability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Veterans

What We Are


Veterans Victory Opportunity Fund (VVOF) is a private-equity real estate Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) designed as a vehicle for investors with capital gains equity. Funds will be used to purchase, construct and renovate a mixed-use property marketed to Veterans, resulting in ADA-accessible, green multifamily apartments, business offices and programs for Veterans that create above-market returns for the investor.

The Colorado Springs, CO fund is one of several single-asset QOFs planned under the umbrella of VVOF for the construction of multifamily apartments and small business centers in Opportunity Zones in high-growth communities. The dual goals are to create stable Veteran communities that serve and enhance the surrounding underserved areas while creating a portfolio of properties attractive to bank equity, private equity and family office investors. For the Colorado Springs fund, VVOF plans to acquire land/build 216 apartments and 10 business offices near Fort Carson.

VVOF seeks to provide investors with 20% projected net IRR, including an average annual tax shielded income yield above market, plus tax benefits of a QOF investment.



Our mission is to help improve the lives of Veterans through a mixed-use, place-based initiative, designed to provide offices, technical assistance and programs for veterans to create jobs, assist with self-sufficiency and housing to help improve quality of life a supportive community atmosphere.



VVOF will purchase property in strategic high growth locations with the goal of creating a Veteran Community, living and working in institutional quality property, which will reduce turnover, help retain property values and achieve maximum appreciation for the property value in ten years. This results in above market returns for the investor. At the ten-year mark, the post acquisition basis is capital gains tax free.


Health, recreation and business programs are offered for Veterans at the site, which encourages renters to stay for the long term.

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