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American War Cemetery

Holistic High Tech Housing

Holistic High-Tech Apartments

  • High-speed broadband internet service

  • Pre-occupancy wired (CAT5/6)

  • Secured private network (Proprietary software)

  • Energy management apps

  • Optional security to units

  • Digital connection to other Veterans Victory Villas

  • Lower cost of renting through GTSG’s technology.  

  • Health, culture and recreation programs offered on site. 

  • Access to a psychologist and physical therapy programs. 

  • Social and physical support programs and organized recreational activities

  • Classes, gardening, artwork, group exercise cultural activities and social clubs will be available.

  • Occupational and physical rehabilitation assistance will be offered by Veteran owned small businesses.

  • Wellness programs (yoga, gym, swimming) will be provided on-site.

  • Access to financial advice and technical assistance will be provided by local volunteer bankers.

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