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Veterans Victory Comes to to Siouxland!

A place where our nation’s heroes can live, work, and play is coming to South Sioux City!

Veterans Victory Housing and Small Business Center is a $77 million-dollar holistic campus for veteran entrepreneurs made possible by the Opportunity Zones created under Former President Donald Trump's 2017 tax plan.

The twenty-acre community, a place for "comrades in arms" to become comrades in business, will include 300 ADA accessible apartments. Approximately 40,000 square feet of the campus will be used as office space for veteran-owned businesses and as a non-profit resource center.

Veterans can take advantage of on-site financial education, small business training, collaboration, and networking opportunities. They will also have access to physical therapy, mental health services, yoga, hiking trails, and social events.

Veterans Victory will have various floors named after Purple Heart recipients and will use sound art to honor the recipients. The largest American flag they can find will loom large over the campus.

The campus will utilize AdvantEdge smart city technology to help Veterans land government contracts, while also accelerating broadband, allowing Veterans to get their products to market more efficiently.

Veterans Victory Founder and Manager, Kim Kuhle, has partnered with South Sioux City-based Roy Perry, owner of R Perry Construction, to bring this innovative concept to Siouxland.

“No one is as innovative as our nation’s Veterans,” says Kuhle. “We are creating a space where they can turn dreams into reality. This city, state, and our world is already a better place thanks to our veterans, and we are so excited to see what they create here."

The one, two, and three-bedroom family-friendly housing units designed by Plan Architecture will be situated at 1400 River Pointe, South Sioux City, Nebraska.

Veterans Victory will break ground in February 2023 and expects to open two apartment buildings in December 2023.

Interested veterans can get on the waiting list for housing by applying online at


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