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Meet Your Neighbors: Victory Service Dogs

With a vision to address the tragically high suicide rates among veterans returning from combat service, Steve and Kim Corey poured their hearts into creating an affordable, hands-on program to foster an improved quality of life for those suffering from PTSD. They pair our nation's heroes with loving service dogs.

An Army veteran himself, Steve knew first-hand the difference a service dog could make. He has seen first-hand the positive changes the animals bring to those re-entering civilian life. The problem with most programs offering this provision, however, is that service dog organizations have unrealistically and extensively long wait lists, widespread requirements, and unreachable financial plans for veterans and those on a fixed income.​ Thus, he created Victory Service Dogs training to qualified clients for free.


Steve & Kim Corey, Victory Service Dogs Founders

The hands-on program includes the veterans in the dog-training process.

Weekly classes with a professional dog trainer allow those clients and their service dogs to learn basic and advanced obedience skills, preparing them both to work together and bond. The community is safe, encouraging, and fosters lasting fellowship and relationships.

Right now, Victory Service Dogs has assisted more than 200 clients and graduated 93 service dogs from the program. Participants are living happy lives, returning to school and work, and engaging in thriving relationships with family and friends. Mission accomplished! The program is working and changing lives!

Steve and Kim light up when they see the changes in the veterans they serve. Their uncompromised vision, hard work, commitment, and passion pay off.

And, the dream of partnering with Veterans Victory at the new Colorado Springs campus is, “a match made in doggie heaven!”

“Veterans Victory seems like it would be a perfect fit for our organization. I think we could help even more veterans if we were located on the same campus where veterans are living. One really big reason: camaraderie, mutual trust and friendship. Veterans get veterans.” Several of our clients have even expressed interest in living on campus.”

In addition to assisting veterans, the doggie dream service, Victory Service Dogs, has launched a children’s program, to help local youth on the Autism spectrum, those with diabetes, seizure disorders, and other mental health needs increase their independence and thrive in their current environments. The organization accepts five children each year for the program, with consistent fundraising available for those who desire to contribute to the life-changing program.

For more information, visit Victory Service Dogs and Victory Kids where you can donate to these life-changing programs. We hope to see you on July 15th at Patty Jewett Golf Course for the 2nd Annual Victory Service Dogs Charity Golf Tournament!


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