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Meet Your Neighbors: Dr. Frederick Mechanik

Frederick S. Mechanik, DPM, FACFAS, FACPM, FAENS; Podiatric Physician and Surgeon

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Frederick Mechanik’s passion is to serve those who served – to provide excellent care for those who keep us safe and able to sleep well at night; to dedicate his life to the health and wellness of those who have sacrificed their lives to honor our country and our freedom.

Dr. Mechanik grew up in the Denver metro area, witnessing his father treat active-duty service members in podiatric care, and was inspired to do the same. He went on to attend medical school in Illinois and New York, focusing a great majority of his time in residency assisting in the care of victims of the World Trade Center attack. He then opened his own private practice in podiatric medicine and surgery in Brooklyn, NY for several years, until returning back to Colorado in 2005 to work with active U.S. Military personnel, retirees, Veterans, their spouses, and their families at Ft. Carson.

Now, moving on to opening his own practice, once again, in the Veterans Victory Small Business Center, he is able to pursue his life-long desire to truly make an impact in the world. He wants to give back to the community in any way he can, and the best way he sees fit is to reciprocate the service of our veterans in an efficient, streamlined, and timely way.

The fact that the current healthcare system for military and service personnel and Veterans often requires a long waiting period for patient care simply isn’t fair. Having to wait a minimum of three to six months to receive an appointment for specialty care, including podiatry, doesn’t make sense in this day and age, with evolving medicine and standards of practice.

His own practice will serve the VVSBC and surrounding community of veterans, and he is pleased to have the opportunity to create accessibility and excellence of care for these people and their families. After all, it truly is the patient who matters, not the system. Dr. Mechanik is honored to be able to take the time and effort to listen to his patients’ stories, learn about their lives, and treat them in the way that they best deserve.

His dream for the future of VVSBC and the office space surrounding him is to share that with other medical professionals, such as physical therapists, family physicians, or internal medicine doctors who share the same mindset and goal: service first.

If you are interested in joining the exciting team of businesses planned for the Veterans Victory Small Business Community, contact Kim Kuhle at 402-728-8722 or


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