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Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses

National Black Business Month is well underway!

This is our time to celebrate the creators, the chefs, the doers, the experts and the entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity to empower Black business owners and answer the call to create an economy that serves us ALL!

Looking to be more intentional this month in how you spend your hard-earned dollars? Here are some local, Colorado Springs Black-owned businesses that should be on your radar this month - and all year round

Frank Sinclair - Dream Again, LLC: Frank is the #1 encouragement coach in the region! There’s no better feeling than that of acceptance. To feel like you are good enough, that you are loved enough, and that you ARE enough is an incredible thing. Simple encouragement can give us the support, the confidence, and the hope that we need to accomplish our goals and live out our dreams. Frank does just that... and so much more. Make sure you’re following Frank on Instagram! We think it’s the happiest place on the Internet!

Creations @ the Edge: a makers boutique that features handmade products by women. This boutique helps fund women who have a passion for their craft and want to turn a side hustle into a small business. Creations @ The Edge is helping women close the wage gap and gain greater purpose and financial freedom. This unique shop offers astounding artisan projects, all created with a mission-driven desire to aid, inspire, and lift up women! You can learn more about Project Rahab, their initiative to help women experiencing a significant barrier to sustainable employment here.

Billy’s Southern Pride: the best home-cooked soul food and barbeque in town! It’s hard to find true “soul food” in Colorado Springs - but, with a truly southern menu and an atmosphere of family, you’ll feel right at home. Did we mention Billy's is very close to Veterans Victory's Colorado Springs site?

Four by Brother Luck: amazing, award-winning, seasonal gourmet food by Brother, right in the heart of the city! Brother Luck has won awards nationally and made a name for himself on Top Chef! He’s been recognized for his unique ability to combine textures and flavors, creating works of art on the plate. We are so lucky to have him and all that he offers right in downtown Colorado Springs.

The Caffeinated Cow Café: a family- and veteran-owned and operated coffee and ice cream shop in Colorado Springs, focused on family, community, and locally sourced ingredients. Yummy coffee and ice cream specialties for you and all your people. It really does feel like you’re sipping on your latte or licking your favorite flavored ice cream cone on your porch swing with family.

Your Bliss Skin & Body Care: Giseleine’s mission is to help people feel and look their best with yoga, beauty, body care, and facial care. She researched, interviewed, and mulled through the best schools, trainings, and companies in order to bring the highest quality services to our community. She focuses on learning the most up to date information on skin care needs so that we receive only the best products, but the best individualized treatment plan. We are so lucky to have Giseleine and her heart for treating us well!

Phase II Barber Lounge: a traditional barber shop that truly provides a personable environment and invites good quality conversations - an homage to the good old days! This place is like no other. Walking in for a shave or a cut, it’s like being transformed and transported back to the times when community REALLY connected and cared for one another. Be ready to chat and reminisce - oh, and receive some pretty awesome services.

The Men’s Xchange: You would never know that glamorous men's boutique full of designer threads is actually a thrift store! You can feel good about shopping knowing that your purchase at The Men’s Xchange helps provide local men with affordable, professional work attire. The company also offers mentoring programs to address men’s issues in an intelligent and engaging way. This is clothing and concept for the “modern man.”

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating these awesome Black-owned businesses (as well as your other favorites) this month and all year round!

Spend your money at these shops and restaurants and salons! Hire Black consultants and service providers. Ask them to be on your podcast and invite them to your networking group. Tell your friends... write a great review... tag them on Instagram.

Being part of the journey as entrepreneurs create their future is what lights us up at Veterans Victory Small Business Center.

We promote veteran-owned businesses, minorities, and all service members in the community. If you're interested in joining our small business community, contact today!


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