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American War Cemetery

Veteran Benefits

GTSG Global Technology


Access to Veteran Owned Businesses and Veteran Programs Across America through clearinghouse.
Financing Options and Technical Assistance from Banks and
Regular financial education from bankers on site
Potential for QOZ Investments for Entrepreneurship
Energy Efficient ADA Housing
Workforce and Occupational Training On-Site
Health, Culture and Recreation Programs Offered On-Site
Immediate Access to Psychologist, Physical Therapy provided by businesses located on site.
Lower transportation costs.

Benefits for Veterans


GTSG Global network software connecting Veteran business supplier and buyers across USA.

Enhanced Veteran Victory community efficiencies and cost savings through GTSG Global's Internet of Things (IOT) software network analytics.

Financing options provided by banks. Technical assistance for business operations from bankers.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments in Veteran Owned Businesses.

Health, culture and recreation programs offered on site.

Access to a psychologist and physical therapy programs.

Lower transportation costs for entrepreneurship and personal budgets.

Government Contracting Assistance from PTAC.

Training from SBDC.

Workforce Training funded by Department of Labor.

Lower Transportation Costs

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