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American War Cemetery

Competitive Edge

Benefits of VVOF’s Competitive Edge


The Veterans Victory Project delivers above-market investment returns by using innovative financing techniques and marrying them to well-established government programs to create a community campus.

Our Unique Value Proposition

The technology, the amenities and the small business center help create a community of Veterans that will reduce turnover and retain The property value.

Quantity Discounts for Materials and Equipment

Materials needed for construction and operation of the business can be purchased in bulk, which allows the savings to be passed to the investor.

Low Vacancy Rates

Strong brand loyalty will come from consistent quality resident experiences and through culture, health and business programs. A waiting list will be created. Office leases will be negotiated, in advance, through word-of-mouth advertising. VVOF offers housing, serving a demographic currently without access to properties of this caliber.


Resilient Economic Model

The Veterans Victory high quality standard of living will help create loyalty from renters even during downturns in the economy.

Market for VVOF Shares

Bankers (seeking CRA credit) and high-wealth investors (seeking QOF capital-gain advantages) will become part of a new coalition. The Manager will help create a market for buying and selling QOF shares so that:

a. Investors can enter and leave the fund.

b. Banks will be encouraged to provide loans, investments and services for the Veterans Victory Project to meet CRA requirements.

c. Investors from the Angels Network will be encouraged to invest because the Veteran Owned Businesses are qualifying Opportunity Zone Businesses.

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